How I got into smoothies? #BoostYourself

All about smoothies and healthy lifestyle

Few months ago I discovered this great Estonian brand Boost that produces and sells amazing superfood blends. Since I've been trying hard to focus on my gym routine and healthy eating this winter/spring, this was a great discovery for me. I've tried most of their blends and I have to admit that they're all really good.

It all started when I decided to take up on a detox challenge my friend from Estonia was constantly telling me about. So, I ordered the detox blend among other stuff. The beginning was difficult, but I survived and actually maintained plenty of energy for my daily activities. Mate tea helped me a lot when the hunger kicked in. My head felt also really clear and this was perfect as I'm working on my master thesis and need to read mountains of academic literature.

I'm not eating only smoothies and sometimes I'm still struggling with healthy eating and working out, but honestly there is nothing better than a fresh delicious morning or post-workout smoothie. I'm quite obsessed with fruits anyways, so this is a smart way to drink your all your needed vitamins and minerals. I usually keep the basics in the fridge - I have always something green, frozen fruits, bananas, lime and plant based milk. Mix and match works very well when combining a smoothie, so don't limit yourself. Here are few recipes of my favorites:

Refreshing Morning smoothie
1 banana, sliced
1 cup strawberries
1 teaspoon Balance blend
1/2 lime, squeezed
1 cup of water

Delicious Detox smoothie
1 orange, peeled
1/2 mango
Handful of spinach
Mint leaves
1 cup of coconut water
1 teaspoon of Detox blend

Energizing post-Workout smoothie
2 bananas
Handful of spinach
1 tablespoon peanut butter
1 cup of oat milk or almond milk
1 tablespoon of Workout blend