Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to clean up my closet and sell bunch of the clothes at Tradono flea market. In Denmark it's actually quite pricey to buy a spot at such markets, so it makes more sense that you share it with someone. I was lucky that Enrika decided to come with me. Follow her blog hereTradono Market has become one of the most popular flea markets in Copenhagen and all the stands are usually sold out very fast, unless you are on the waiting list. Then you might get lucky. The markets usually take place 1-2 times each month, and always on Sundays. Tradono started out actually only as a mobile app where you can sell everything from clothes, beauty stuff to furniture pieces. It's a good touch to the brand's image and definitely creates an extra experience. All for the good cause, of course.

If you don't want to go to Tradono Market, there are bunch of other flea market alternatives in Copenhagen. Veras Market in Frederiksberg, Remisen flea market in Østerbro, Loppetorv in Frederiksberg, Loppemarked at Bryggen.. you name it. The list goes on and on! Spring and Summer are the best seasons for that here in Denmark because a lot of markets take place outdoors. 

I really love the concept of recycling fashion and I wish I could participate more It just takes quite a lot of energy and time to set everything up - all the clothes, transport and in the end standing there the whole day. Pretty exhausting. But, it's also a fun experience and I was very happy that a lot of my things found a new home. So, if you have too much stuff like me, go and find a flea market and do some recycling!